Digital Media Recommendations – Part 2

Digital Media Recommendations – Part 2

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In the first part of this series, two main types of advertisement impact were identified:

  1. Additional demand (more revenue) for your hotel

These type of advertisement initiatives are normally more expensive. The reason for that is partly because it is a longer path to purchase. For instance, the customer may not have decided to go to your destination or stay in a hotel. Also, PPC generics are generally very competitive due to the heavy presence of OTA bidding which pushes advertisement prices or costs-per-click up. Display Pre-Targeting involves serving ads on the Google Display Network or other platforms to customers with a certain profile or visiting a specific website. Some of the sophisticated ad providers are able to provide as narrow targeting as “business class travellers with a flight booked to Paris in December but without a hotel booking confirmed.” Facebook providers similar advertisement forms using their own customer database, normally at a lower price and with even more detailed targeting variables such as customer hobbys’ or even religion.


  1. Shift existing demand from one channel to the other.

The pay-per-click brand and Display-Retargeting is sometimes known as the bread & butter of the digital media campaigns. The reason for that is that they normally are your biggest investments and revenue generators. While the PPC Brand campaign makes sure that a customer searches for your name finds your website on top (instead of the OTAs), the display retargeting  exists to remind every visitor that didn’t book the room is still available. PPC Brand campaigns targets all of your hotel name searches while the display retargeting is shows up for anyone who visited your website visitors. Metasearch is a good supplement to above two, but has proven difficult for hoteliers as costs are high and return low.

On a final note it is important to be aware of the attribution module which is used when tracking the success of digital media campaigns. In most cases “Last Click Attribution” is used, which of course means the campaign that got the last interaction gets the conversion credit.  In reality however, it may have been the Prospecting campaign in the additional demand campaign that deserved the credit, and not the retargeting campaign which only gave the final push.

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