Why all hotels need a channel manager?

Why all hotels need a channel manager?

Any hotel working without a channel manager are likely to be spending a significant amount of time and stress navigating several extranets and with a constant worry to accidently overbook the hotel. As the hotel distribution landscape has become increasingly complex, it becomes almost impossible to manage all channels manually, while at the same time maintaining the high customer service your customers deserve.


What are the benefits of a channel manager?

A channel manager allows hotels to manage all online channels in one place, update rates and control inventory. Hotels on a channel management connection enjoy the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the risk of overbooking – As all channels are connected to one inventory (no more allotments) the hotel is no longer able to sell more rooms than it has in its inventory.
  • More time for the guest – Significant time will be saved as you no longer need to navigate various extranets to update prices and inventory. This can instead be spent on what hoteliers are best at – Serving our guests.
  • Reach more guests – Most established channel managers will provide an array of channels to connect to, giving you the opportunity to be visible in markets you weren’t able to reach in the past.


As prices for channel managers have decreased over the past years, connecting your hotel is really a no-brainer for any serious hotel owner.



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