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Average Rate

Increase of average rate of partner hotels by 10%: 2018 - 137.98€ | 2019 - 153.68€.

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Room Sales

Reliance on OTA bookings decreased from 85% in 2017 to 62% in 2018 to 56% in 2019.

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255,000€ of turnover on hotels' websites thanks to live reservations since early 2018.

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Room Price

The average price of rooms sold on hotel websites is over 27.80€ compared to OTA websites.

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Sales Contribution

850,000€ worth of incremental business generated by our sales team in 2018 and 2019.

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Private sales

100,000€ turnover generated thanks to private sales.

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Unique Visitors

More than 400,000 unique visitors to hotel sites since early 2018.

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26% of the rooms on the hotel sites were sold as part of a package.

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227,000€ of sales opportunities being negotiated.

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Ads from Google Adwords of hotels generated over 150,000 impressions.

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More than 21.7% increase in followers on the Facebook pages of hotels managed by us.

General Activity Report Jan-Sep 2019

After one year working with RegiÔtels I am pleased about our partnership. We now have a brand new hotel website with our own direct bookings and RegiÔtels is managing our strategy. Besides this, the sales have increased during the off-season. I am looking forward to the next years with RegiÔtels.

Vitor Pinto

Manager of Le Bon Repos, Scheidgen, 22 rooms

It is a pleasure to work with RegiÔtels and its team, who always provide support and advice. Always listening, they put in place all the actions we discuss and implement a pricing, commercial, marketing and digital strategy to improve the turnover of our rooms, which also had a positive impact on our restaurant.

Isabel Boulliat

Owner of the Au Vieux Moulin hotel-restaurant, 12 rooms

Case Study - The Mullerthal Campaign

April - May 2018


Regiotels partnered with Visit Luxembourg to increase awareness and drive more visitors to the Mullerthal region. The campaign focused its communication on Facebook, supported by content marketing on key blogs and in advertorials. The campaign landing pages were hosted on the Visit Luxembourg domain. The content was published in 4 languages: English, French, German and Dutch.

Key stats

  • 2,3m unique people reached in target area
  • 60k referrals to campaign landing pages
  • Highest Mullerthal Google Search Volume in 5 Years


Together with the marketing team of Visit Luxembourg, a robust campaign plan was developed and objectives set. RegiÔtels together with a creative professional crafted the campaign message and design. The digital media plan was created by RegiÔtels and a media agency. Along the campaign period, weekly calls were held with all stakeholders to fine tune and optimize the performance of the campaign.

Key factors to success

A key success factor was the focus on serving the right message at the right time along the customer journey. This was done partly through a two layered approach in the Facebook campaign. The first step focused on awareness and reaching a larger audience through informative but targeted ads. The second layer re-targeted people who engaged with the campaign previously with a clear call-to-action. Another key success factor was the development of lookalike groups which were proven to be some of the highest engaging segment in the campaign. Finally, creating separate landing pages per campaign and advertisement allowed for a stronger engagement overall.

Case Study

Examples of Facebook Ads for the campaign

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