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Červenec 14, 2020
SEO for Hotels: 6 effective tips to improve rankings on Google

If you typed “hotels in your region” on Google, would you find your own property? If it does not appear in your search, you should reconsider your current SEO strategy. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and consists of processes to make a page rank

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Říjen 1, 2018
Which channels to sell my hotel on?

In addition to your own hotel website, most hotels are distributing their hotel on and Expedia. But what about all the other channels out there, do I need to be on them? There are a couple of issues to

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Září 6, 2018
Get More Bookings on Your Hotel Website

As commission costs of third parties have increased, the importance of getting more bookings through the hotel website has become crucial for hotels which want to maintain their profitability. This is not an easy task, however. Only 1-3% of customers

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Červenec 5, 2018
Why All Hotels Need a Channel Manager

Any hotel working without a channel manager is likely to be spending a significant amount of time and stress navigating several extranets, in constant worry to accidentally overbook the hotel. As the hotel distribution landscape has become increasingly complex, it

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Červen 11, 2018
Digital Media Recommendations – Part 2

In the first part of this series, two main types of advertisement impact were identified: Additional demand (more revenue) for your hotel Pay-Per-Click Generics (PPC) Display Pre-Targeting Facebook Advertisement (targeting pre-defined customer groups) These type of advertisement initiatives are normally

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Květen 30, 2018
Digital Media Recommendations – Part 1

An important part in the distribution and revenue management strategy for independent hotels is being able to stimulate additional demand in low season and driving direct (hotel website) revenue. So, how should you as an independent hotelier go about this?