Illustration of a satisfied young hotel guest in front of a door to a room

What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels

A fast Wi-Fi connection being enough to appeal to a younger generation of guests is a concept that still is widely believed. With COVID-19, the world experienced an unforeseen wave of digitalization, its value becoming such that, regardless of age range, investing in digital technology became a reasonable direction for business. While a well-thought digital strategy is a must nowadays, it is essential to understand what millennials expect from independent hotels.

The stereotype of an 18-year-old who does not have money and only stays at Airbnb properties is an outdated thought that ignores the rapid changes a whole generation goes through, and how you hotels play a role in influencing this change as well. Younger generations are getting older and discovering their traveling preferences, and the current pandemic served as a push for these young consumers to reconsider their traveling and buying habits.

In the years to follow, independent hotels will have to think creatively and broaden their target spectrum in order to maximize their chances of beating an economic bog. Millennials are currently looking at alternative ways to travel and make the best out of tough times. The intersection between these needs is the key.

Booking tendencies

Over the last decade, the digital nomad lifestyle became a popular concept and saw many young adults traveling and working at the same time. With a multitude of accommodation apps offering easy digital solutions and on-site touristic experiences, Generation Y tended to choose accommodations that were both affordable and unique. For hotels to compete with these new options, they had to prove the value of their own experiences. 

It is important to highlight how travel has been a part of a digitalized, young generation to understand how they add value to independent hotels who may not have looked at these groups seriously before. Individuals with some level financial stability did not have trouble to sustain this nomad lifestyle.

What do millennial guests expect from independent hotels? 

Generation Y is made up of individuals who value living a story worth talking about. Not only do they travel more than previous generations, they also love sharing every unexpected experience via pictures, vlogs, and reviews. Millennials expect their touristic choices to offer something new and worth talking about.

Independent hotels should not see this hunger for innovation as a challenge. In truth, what sets millennials apart from other guests is how beneficial their hunger for sharing uniqueness is. The challenge for independent hotels is to find new channels and ideas to promote what makes them special, to fine tune their message and invest in an active approach to their digital presence.

The relationship with millennials is no different from any other a hotel may have had in the past. A phone call may be replaced by an Instagram inbox, but at the core of it is the same old excellence in hospitality that independent hotels are known for. The goal will always be the same.

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