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Craft a seasonal package for your hotel, promoting on your website and social media (text and graphic design included) for just 199 EUR!

Starting from Valentine’s Day, you can skyrocket your occupancy rates and maximize revenue, adapting to each season’s demands, including:

Tailored Seasonal Packages

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Digital Marketing Strategies

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Innovative Revenue Management

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Digital Booking Systems with Online Reach

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Haben Sie schon von den eindrucksvollen Erfolgsgeschichten unserer Partnerhotels gehört?

Villa Baltik’s Success: Witness a staggering 120% increase in direct bookings and a remarkable 80% rise in revenue, achieved within just six months of partnering with us.

Royal Peninsula’s Transformation: Experienced an extraordinary 1400% jump in online sales occupancy and 800% surge in online sales room revenue, contributing to 85% of their annual revenue in Q4 2023 alone!

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