We are hiring – Distribution Coordinator (Thailand)

At RegiÔtels, we are obsessed with lending our expertise to clients who need it most: small and medium sized independent hotels who struggle with growing their revenue and profits. Our great team of experts have a global experience and actively work for hotels in the areas of digital marketing, revenue management, IT as well as sales and marketing. 

Being part of RegiÔtels means that you will be able to make a real difference in hoteliers’ lives by assisting them with your skillset. We believe that jobs of the future will involve tasks requiring social intelligence, complex critical thinking, creative problem solving, as well as initiative taking.

As such, we operate on a very personal level with our hotel partners and are in constant touch with them to improve their livelihood and to advance regional hotel industry standards.

Scope of the position:

Coordinating the digital team’s efforts for hotels and providing support to the account managers ensuring that our hotel partners are receiving what they expect and anticipating what they need.

The role will report to the Regional Revenue Manager, Southeast Asia.

Key responsibilities


      • Continuous analysis and improvement of our clients’ online photos and implementation/coordination of changes (client websites, OTetc.);
      • Assistance with editing hotel photos after our photoshoots;
      • Adapting photos on client websites;
      • Adapting photos on OTA websites for clients;
      • Updating photos with metadata and synergizing across platforms;
      • Reviewing websites for discrepancies and seasonal photo changes where appropriate;
      • Pro-active following up of the onboarding process with the hotel clients;
      • Working closely with the account managers to ensure timely deliveries.


      • Knowledge of Word Office Package (specifically Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint);
      • Excellent communication and organizational skills;
      • Attention to detail (e.g., acquiring a proper brief from team and/or clients, review of work when completed, etc.);
      • Open-mindedness when it comes to assisting with tasks that might be outside of the job description’s scope;
      • Problem solving skills, such as analytical and critical thinking;


      • Reliability, goal-oriented, organizational skills, being a self-starter and autonomous;
      • Enjoying collaboration with people and working in a small team;
      • A desire to speak out and contribute to a growing and developing company;
      • A clear understanding of the hotel industry is useful;
      • A first experience with distribution systems, central reservation systems, content systems, online travel agencies is a plus.


  • Personality skills: strong presentation and communication skills, organized and abilities to work independently and to meet deadlines, creative and dynamic personality;
  • Technical skills: MS office pack, Adobe, WordPress can be of use;
  • Languages skills: Thai & English, German or French are a plus.

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