How does it all work?

RegiÔtels provides support in managing your digital presence and tools, generating more interest in your property and converting that business to generate a higher income at a more profitable rate
RegiÔtels is made up of a team of professionals with international hotel chain experience in markets throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Trained using the latest techinques and supported by an in-house digital design team experienced in Google optimised digital performance, RegiÔtels is able to provide training to teams and individuals either online through web-chat or in person depending on budgets available
Occupancy means looking at the complete year, not only the high season. Taking each day of the week and each month of the year individually, RegiÔtels will help to get the optimal guests to your hotel contributing to other department spending. RegiÔtels will help drive the average rate while also reviewing existing contracts for competitiveness of offers based on our market knowledge
You may have one person, you may have five. When partnering with RegiÔtels, you receive additional resources from experts in their specific fields and, as a result, enable your in-house team to focus on creating content for RegiÔtels to push further afield. For more information, please see the sales team tasks here.
RegiÔtels does not sell technology. RegiÔtels partners with market-specific technology partners and the hotel has the contract direct with the supplier. RegiÔtels consists of a team of professionals with the training, time and resources to take your digital tools and make the most of them
Absolutely, we are proud of the work that we do at RegiÔtels and honored to be trusted by our partner hotels. For more information, you can check our upcoming testimonial videos.
RegiÔtels provides a less than 24 hour response to hotel client requests. Your digital presence will be optimised and your opportunities to capture new business will be increased. In 2018, RegiÔtels partner hotels received a 20% increase of room revenue versus 2017. In 2019 room revenue increased by a further 14% versus the previous year. For more information, please see our achievements page here.
RegiÔtels has tailored specific offers based on the experience of two years working with 31 independent hotels. There is the complete service that covers all of the critical points essential to a successful market positioning, individual services that can be in addition to actions already carried out and finally one off consulting and training programs on offer to cater to all budgets and needs
The core services are all interlinked: The revenue management determines the price, the digital marketing team promote the brand and distribute the rates, the sales team manage the partnerships and contract the leisure individual visitors, with a weak link, the challenge is that much greater
You will not pay more commission overall. RegiÔtels is there to drive more direct business through to your website thereby reducing your online commission payments and to negotiate better contracts with tour operators and travel agents. RegiÔtels has a regional tourism negotiating power representing over 1,000 rooms enabling us to both increase sales and reduce costs in the process
RegiÔtels helps you to make your hotel more visible online as well as drives more visitors to your property at the most optimal rate on the
On the first Monday after signing, your account manager will contact you to start by arranging a suitable time for a video conference
There are a number of questions that we will need to ask about your hotel to be able to get a full understanding of how and where we can add value - two hours will be more than enough
Your account manager will prepare for the varying strategies to be discussed with you for your approval and validation. RegiÔtels will put together strategies for your sales and marketing, revenue management, and digital marketing.
RegiÔtels has had experience of both opening and relaunching hotels after closure and has written a number of articles on the subject, for more information, please visit here.
Yes, RegiÔtels works with many different systems and programs and is able to offer advice based on market and technical support proposed
The Channel manager enables the opening and closing of availability of rooms types across multiple distribution channels - without it, Revenue Management will not be possible. The Booking engine ensures that the website visitor can purchase the room securely with an instant room confirmation
For RegiÔtels to be optimal and really add value, it is imperative to have a recent website of less than four years old, a channel manager and a booking engine
The process from signing to fully onboarded with strategies being put in place takes generally 30-45 days.
RegiÔtels will provide monthly reporting for Revenue Management, quarterly sales and marketing reviews and digital media analysis for each campaign
Video Conferencing, telephone and email. When the situation allows personal face to face meetings can be arranged (additional charges may apply).
No, RegiÔtels is a support agency and works for partner hotels, the tools and the communication is managed by RegiÔtels but owned by the hotels in all cases
RegiÔtels depends on a very clear two-way transparency, no sensitive information will ever be shared with any other parties, only the core team of RegiÔtels specialists will use the data to bring more business to the partner hotel
All of the data of the hotel belongs at all times to the individual hotel and is never used for the benefit RegiÔtels, more information can be found in our impressum on how the data is handled
Yes, RegiÔtels will ask for details such as your login so as to be able to upgrade your profile and enhance your text for better search, other logins related to more information can be found in our impressum on how the data is handled
RegiÔtels is always clear with up-front costs and ongoing fees for outsourced technology partners and written validation is always required prior to spending any money on behalf of the hotel partner
The hotel will always have full control over all of its systems and will own the contracts with the providers
Yes, the contracts can be cancelled with a third of the remaining contract value due
There are different options available ranging from one month to two years.
Payment is made monthly in advance by bank transfer, direct debit, Paypal or credit card
RegiÔtels has fixed costs throughout the year and the work carried out when the hotel is closed is still in some cases daily and all cases weekly. The fees are due each month of the duration of the agreement
Fees are paid on the 1st of the month
RegiÔtels provides knowledge and experience from highly trained and experienced professionals. The process of developing a business online is not complete with the flick of a switch. It is a process that can take many months before results are visible and is dependent on international representation and purchasing of industry data reporting to analyse trends.
It is always cheaper working with the team of experts on hand at RegiÔtels than recruiting a full time employee, please visit our pricing page here

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