décembre 17, 2019
Getting back to nature – an opportunity for discoveries

Imagine having spent months and months planning a trip to the hottest big city you have always loved - from afar - only to realize that, once there, you feel no connection to it. Sometimes, our anticipation dictates the image

décembre 5, 2019
Why we should consider short-distance travel

How many times have you traveled to a far-off destination to visit a sight, just to find that the crowds there made it impossible to enjoy it? It is quite disappointing when we plan a trip and cannot get the

novembre 26, 2019
How does Tourism Carrying Capacity relate to over-tourism?

Tourism Carrying Capacity — or TCC — describes the number of people that a given destination can manage without negative impacts on the environment, in terms of culture or economy. It is easy to assume that it is related only

novembre 18, 2019
Over-tourism – what is it and what are its consequences?

In the wake of the last decade’s economic and technological developments in air transportation, travelling to distant places has not only become easier, but it is also cheaper than ever and new fuel-efficient airplane engines are likely to make this

avril 15, 2019
How to create a stunning brochure for your hotel

One of the most important features of independent hotels is to have a website which is comprehensive, user-friendly, makes it easy to book a room, and provides all the necessary information. However, even with the high priority for online material,

avril 5, 2019
Five Tips for Making your Hotel more Family Friendly

Tourism and hospitality businesses are highly competitive and it is often the small things that make or break them. To distinguish themselves, many hotels have targeted niche markets, with families being one of the faster-growing areas. Travelling with one’s family,

avril 1, 2019
Why Your Presence on Social Media Matters

Having crept into almost all aspect of our lives, social media has gained an enormous value and it has an immense impact on everything. Be it a campaign to alert people about one’s brand or to simply be in touch

mars 22, 2019
Best Hotel Practices for Positive Customer Reviews

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving. There was a time when the customer service etiquette was a short list and clients were satisfied with a simple ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. Though these still are very much in practice, the culture

mars 19, 2019
8 Creative Hotel Packages for 2019

Hotel marketing incorporates a wide array of topics, skills, and strategies that you need to be aware of if you want to succeed in optimizing the success of your hotel business. By creating an effective hotel marketing strategy, you can

mars 11, 2019
A History of the Hospitality Industry, Part 2

From international hotel chains to small business owners, advancements in the technological field have impacted all segments of the tourism industry. As technology continues to revolutionize this sector, one of the side effects is the slow demise of physical travel