Hotel buildings in the nature

It can be a challenge to find a holiday that suits everyone in a family, with enough entertainment for children, rest and relaxation for parents, fresh air for outdoor lovers and treats for gourmets. But the answer may be closer than you realise. Hidden away, but easily accessible in a peaceful part of the world amid ancient forests and beautiful rivers, the Müllerthal region of Luxembourg is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.


Relaxing Family Holidays

Müllerthal has everything you need for a relaxing family holiday. For those seeking a place to unwind and indulge, many of the region’s hotels have a special focus on wellness, offering a range of sauna and steam facilities, treatments and therapies to leave you refreshed and reinvigorated. There is also an impressive range of indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the Müllerthal area, ideal both for keeping younger visitors amused and for more serious swimmers.

Enjoy Nature

Studies show that spending time in nature is good for you, lowering your blood pressure and improving your immune system. In Müllerthal, nature is everywhere, whether up close on one of the many beautiful walking paths in the area, or simply as a stunning backdrop to your relaxation. The region offers spectacular biodiversity, from ancient birch trees and songbirds to deer and even wild boar. Kids will love exploring the amazing rock formations in the woods surrounding the historic town of Echternach and Müllerthal village (the Müllerthal tourist office has even created a useful guide to children’s activities: The region’s hotels can offer guests advice on everything from gentle strolls to all-day hikes, complete with places to stop for lunch or a coffee, and many also offer, or can recommend, bike hire for those happier exploring on two wheels.


An authentic culinary experience

Good food, after a busy day of activities, relaxing by a pool or simply admiring the view with a good book, is a key part of the Müllerthal experience. The region’s chefs are lucky to have wonderful produce to as the basis for their creations: there are numerous delicious local specialities to try, including artisanal cheeses and locally cured hams, Waïnzoossiss (wine sausage), honey and liqueurs. According to the seasons, these products can be complimented with apples, pears and plums from orchards in the surrounding area, locally foraged berries and wild mushrooms. No wonder the food in Müllerthal is so delicious! The world-famous wines from neighbouring Moselle are a perfect accompaniment to Müllerthal gastronomy, but there are also some great local beers to try.

Above all, Müllerthal is a place to unwind, slow down, breathe in the beautiful fresh air and listen to the birdsong. So this summer, why not relax and embrace the Müllerthal feeling?




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