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Welcome to our Help Center! Here you can find information on topics such as billing, data usage, and partnership terms. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click here to contact us.

General questions

Why work with us?

RegiÔtels helps increase market share, can increase or maintain your revenues, save you time and ensure long-term and reliable results. Have a look at our case studies to learn more about some of the benefits that we have brought to hoteliers: 

How will the communication with each RegiÔtels team work?

The best form of communication is clear and transparent. With that in mind, we have an Account Manager in every single marketplace that will be able to help you with any of your questions and they will forward any of your requests to the responsible team so you don’t have to worry about being in touch with many different people.

What do I need to have to work with RegiÔtels?

For RegiÔtels to be optimal and really add value, it is imperative to have a recent website of less than four years old, a channel manager and a booking engine.

Why do I need revenue management?

Revenue management affords you opportunities to get extra incremental revenue on specific days. So the combination of different pricing for different rooms and also anticipating what is happening in the marketplace means you are able to make extra money on certain days that you would not have otherwise made. 

A benefit with RegiÔtels is that you have got marketing, revenue management, and online distribution. And those three combined are crucial to make you more money. 

Who are the team behind RegiÔtels?

RegiÔtels is made up of a team of professionals with international hotel chain experience in markets throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Trained using the latest techinques and supported by an in-house digital design team experienced in optimised digital performance, RegiÔtels is able to provide the help that you need.

What's the duration of a contract with RegiÔtels?

All of our contracts are the same: they run on a one-year basis.

What results can you guarantee?

RegiÔtels can guarantee an increase in market share versus your defined competition and that time spent on the administration of managing the differing online channels in a professional manner is reduced considerably. RegiÔtels cannot guarantee financial results without having done prior research on your particular property and any entity promising otherwise is selling a dream. The fact is that no clients would stay with us a day longer than necessary if we did not produce exceptional results time and again.

Who will be on my team of experts?
The RegiÔtels team consists of multidisciplinary departments which work to understand, elevate, and communicate our hotel partners’ brands. We assign Account Managers to each of our partners at the beginning of the relationship, allowing continuous communication to flow as our experts work on the hotel’s marketing and revenue requirements.
What type of hotels do you work with?

We partner with hotels that range from 8 rooms and more. Our smallest hotel partner has 8 rooms, our largest 731 rooms. We have partnered with country hotels, beach hotels and city hotels in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. We work with all hotels, especially yours.

Why does RegiÔtels insist on a channel manager and booking engine?

The Channel manager enables the opening and closing of availability of rooms types across multiple distribution channels – without it, Revenue Management will not be possible. The Booking engine ensures that the website visitor can purchase the room securely with an instant room confirmation.


Why are the services bundled together?

There is no such thing as an individual service. Having a great price which does not look attractive is as unproductive as having a terrific website with no links to other channels. All of the three main pillars work hand in hand to produce the most optimal results.

How is billing organised?

Payment is made monthly in advance by bank transfer, direct debit, Paypal or credit card, and is always due on the 1st of the month. RegiÔtels has fixed monthly costs throughout the year.

Are there fees to pay when my hotel is closed?

RegiÔtels has fixed costs throughout the year and the work carried out when the hotel is closed is still in some cases daily and all cases weekly. The fees are due each month of the duration of the agreement.

Are there different payment plans?

The most straight forward option is a fixed fee and you will need to consult the pricing tool to see where your property fits within the parameters for a quote. Alternatively, if you would prefer another option, we can offer a variable fees based on online business with a minimum monthly fee and finally there is a consulting option on a pay-as-you go basis.

Will I make more money by using the services of RegiÔtels?

We can help reduce your costs and increase your revenues. It is always cheaper working with the team of experts onhand at RegiÔtels than recruiting a full-time employee.

Please also visit our case studies for more information:

How are the fees charged?

The fees are charged annually, quarterly or monthly depending on your preferred option. RegiÔtels uses bank transfer and credit card options with payment upfront. The RegiÔtels payment partners are Stripe and Wise.

How long is the commitment?

RegiÔtels works on the basis of renewable one-year contracts. For an increased fee, it is possible to have a six-month trial period; for a lesser fee, it is possible to have a two-year commitment. All options are available, for specific arrangements, it is best to speak with one of our specialists any of our website’s contact forms.  

Can I customise my offer?

From website creation and online advertising to sales support and international representation, RegiÔtels offers a wide range of hotel services. Click here to speak to our sales team about a tailor-made offer.

Will I be paying more commission?

You will not pay more commission overall. RegiÔtels is here to drive more direct business through to your website thereby reducing your online commission payments and to negotiate better contracts with tour operators and travel agents. RegiÔtels has a regional tourism negotiating power representing many thousands of rooms, enabling us to both increase sales and reduce costs in the process.


What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the process where we gather all information about your hotel and get access to all systems we need to get us started working and includes a web audit as well as the development and implementation of a rate strategy.

What happens during the onboarding?

We understand the importance of having a strong online presence and a solid revenue strategy for your hotel, which is why we take a comprehensive approach to auditing your current set-up. Our team will analyse your hotel website’s SEO and analytics, as well as your OTA and social media presence, to ensure that everything is optimised and up to date.

Additionally, we will work with you to set up your pricing strategy and demand calendars, perform historical and competition analyses, and review and update your IBE if necessary. Our goal is to create a solid foundation for your hotel’s online and revenue strategies, allowing you to perform better online, generate more bookings, and improve your overall hotel revenue over time.

What happens after the onboarding?

Your Account Manager will prepare for the varying strategies to be discussed with you for your approval and validation. RegiÔtels will put together strategies for your digital marketing, revenue management, and online distribution.


Why would I want to share my private business information with RegiÔtels?

RegiÔtels depends on a very clear two-way transparency, no sensitive information will ever be shared with any other parties, only the core team of RegiÔtels specialists will use the data to bring more business to the partner hotel.

How is my data managed?

You can find our different policies below:

1 – Privacy Policy
2 – Data Policy
3 – GDPR Compliance
4 – Impressum

Does RegiÔtels ever own the rights to any of the hotel data ?

No, RegiÔtels is a support agency and works for partner hotels; the tools and the communication is managed by RegiÔtels but owned by the hotels in all cases.

Revenue Management

How are revenue management, online sales and distribution, and digital marketing connected?

They are connected in the following way: revenue management sets the right price, marketing and online distribution are the promotion, and sales is the capturing of that promotion and that price – and, of course, the product is your hotel!

Pricing Strategy
We analyse your hotel’s market data, identify target segments, and implement dynamic pricing to ensure you are offering competitive rates that are aligned with a measurable revenue strategy. With our expert help, hoteliers can see a significant boost in occupancy and revenue.
Do you know your competitors?

We will do a competitor analysis to understand your position versus the market in terms of the relation between pricing and value perceived by guests. It will open-up information to better understand the position of your hotel in the market and therefore the future revenue management strategy.

Dynamic Demand Calendars

Our ongoing demand calendars provide hoteliers with periodic data analysis that helps optimise the hotel’s planned actions. By utilising data-driven insights, we can adjust your rates to stay competitive, attract the right guests based on seasonal data, and maximise your hotel’s booking potential.

Integrated Booking Engine (IBE)
RegiÔtels combines a team of experts with powerful hotel technology through partnerships with leading booking engines. We integrate, manage, and upgrade your own IBE so that your website is optimised to convert visits into direct bookings and booking information stays dynamic and up to date.
Reputation Analysis
We analyse your online reputation on a yearly basis, considering your guest rates on multiple platforms in comparison to your competitors, so that your hotel’s reputation is always up to date.
Data Analytics & Reporting
On a regular basis, we will review your booking data and revenue plan, aiming to pinpoint areas where we can enhance your hotel’s sales potential while your markets evolve.
How will you get me more direct bookings?

We always focus to increase the booking on your homepage by optimising the booking engine. In our experience, the guest will book higher room categories, more products and spend more on your booking engine if your booking process is optimised. Let’s work together to increase the sales on your own website.

Package Optimisation

RegiÔtels provides hotels with expert assistance in evaluating, planning, and creating compelling packages that meet the needs of their guests. This includes conducting market research, analysing customer behavior, and developing customised packages that are tailored to a hotel’s specific target audience.

Online Distribution

Online Sales Support
We provide complete support in optimizing our partner hotels’ online sales channels. From assisting with the integration of a channel manager, enabling hotels to manage their room inventory and pricing across multiple OTAs, to evaluating and helping our partners with new contracts, our goal is to increase occupancy by diversifying the booking process.
OTA Optimization

We help keep our partner hotel’s information up to date across different OTAs, including descriptions, images, room types, and promotions. This helps ensure that potential guests have accurate information for each season and in accordance with the hotel’s calendars.

Contract Negotiation

We make sure our partner hotels are making informed decisions and negotiating favorable terms that align with their business goals.  RegiÔtels’ assistance with contracting helps streamline the conclusion process and allows hotels to focus on their core business operations.  

Google Business Profile

We provide comprehensive assistance to our partner hotels with their Google Business Profile presence, including an overhaul of their existing profile, integration with the platform, and ongoing data management. Our content updates ensure accurate and dynamic information, leading to increased visibility and higher booking rates.

Key Feeder Market Evaluation

We help our partners identify and target new feeder markets, allowing hotels to expand their online presence and tap into new audiences that are likely to generate significant demand for their services.

Promotion Monitoring

RegiÔtels helps evaluate the performance of promotions across different distribution channels. By analyzing data and providing actionable insights, we help hotels refine their marketing strategies and increase their revenue through optimized promotions.

Digital Marketing

Online Advertising
Reach your target audience with precision through online advertising. From social media and metasearch campaigns to SEA and email marketing, we have the expertise and experience to create effective campaigns that drive conversions and sales.
What does a digital marketing team do?
Everything to do with your digital presence from the website to the social media posts, RegiÔtels has a specialist to help. Whether it be monitoring and enhancing your presence across and the like, guiding more people to book directly on your own website or ensuring that there is an online engagement with your fans and followers.
Website Creation & Management
From researching optimal keywords and choosing a template to dealing with the website hosting, we will create an SEO-friendly website that meets your business needs and goals, and we will help you to keep it up to date and running smoothly with monthly security and content updates.
Booking Engine Integration
Enhance your direct bookings online with our professional booking engine integration services. Together with you, we will integrate an IBE on your website which has a smooth and easy-to-use interface so guests won’t even leave your website to book a room.
Social Media Management
We analyse your social media presence and make improvement suggestions so you can reach a greater audience. In accordance with you, we will also create social media posts (including copywriting and design) which will help position your brand online and improve your visibility.
Are you involved in all of the local, national and international marketing efforts?
Through our close links with regional and national government entities involved in tourism across Europe and beyond, RegiÔtels puts strategies in place for sales activities for your hotel in line with what is going on in the larger environment to be able to contribute better results for the marketing spend and pro-active sales efforts.
Data Analytics & Reporting
On a quarterly basis, we will provide you with data analytics reports which will help identify areas where we can improve your hotel sales potential. Reporting is done in a simple and straightforward manner to help you understand the data.
Search Engine Optimisation
By optimising your website structure, content, keywords, metadata, backlinks, and other important factors for SEO, we can help you increase the organic search results for your own website and improve your ranking on search engines.

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