december 17, 2019
Banner picture showing a mountain range and forest by a lake

Getting back to nature – an opportunity for discoveries

Imagine having spent months and months planning a trip to the hottest big city you have always loved – from afar – only to realize that, […]
december 5, 2019

Why we should consider short-distance travel

How many times have you traveled to a far-off destination to visit a sight, just to find that the crowds there made it impossible to enjoy […]
november 26, 2019
Image showing a crowd of people, with a green tint

How does Tourism Carrying Capacity relate to over-tourism?

Tourism Carrying Capacity — or TCC — describes the number of people that a given destination can manage without negative impacts on the environment, in terms […]
november 18, 2019
Image showing a crowd of people, with a green tint

Over-tourism – what is it and what are its consequences?

In the wake of the last decade’s economic and technological developments in air transportation, travelling to distant places has not only become easier, but it is […]
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