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Why partnering with us
is a good idea

Working together with RegiÔtels comes with a host of benefits for our partners. Below are some of the most prominent features of a successful partnership with us.

A network of partners
Working with us means that you will have access to a range of partners on four different continents, and across different segments of the hospitality industry, instantly increasing your reach.
Human support

We offer you support that’s driven by humans, not robots. Partner clients shared by both of us will benefit from our skillful expertise and management when it comes to catering to client demands.

Custom-made solutions
We deliver tailor-made solutions that can enhance your product. Whatever you offer your clients, working with us is sure to enrich your solutions by adding our revenue management, digital marketing, online distribution, as well as consulting expertise. 
Joint marketing actions

Partnering with us, you will be part of joint marketing actions which go out to a wide network of clients. You will also have access to our creative resources to generate new leads and business ideas.

Trusted partners for enhanced
hospitality solutions

SiteMinderStardekkHQ RevenueIbelsaDIRS21D-EDGEDEHOGA SaarlandCloudbedsHoteliers.GuruMews


SiteMinder is the world’s leading open hotel commerce platform, empowering hotels and accommodation providers to sell, market, manage and grow their business. SiteMinder’s innovative online platform offers hotels and accommodation providers a comprehensive range of products and solutions to manage and streamline the distribution of their rooms across a wide selection of direct and indirect channels, take bookings from guests and communicate with guests. The global company, headquartered in Sydney with offices in Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Dallas, Galway, London and Manila, generates more than 100 million reservations worth over US$35 billion in revenue for hotels each year.

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Stardekk is an all-in-one software solution for hotels and B&Bs which simplies and automates hotel management to create the perfect guest experience, from the online search to long after check-out. Quick, efficient and user-friendly.

From booking online to checking out guests and cleaning rooms, Stardekk offers a time-saving tool at every stage of the customer experience that will lighten your workload as a hotel or restaurant manager. Our hotel software not only supports you with administrative tasks, but also helps you to increase your turnover at the same time. From now on, online visibility, direct bookings, remarketing and Yield management are among your possibilities.

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HQ Revenue

HQ Revenue is a cloud-based software that processes and visualises accurate real-time data on the market, competition, and operations. We supply our customers with high-quality information about the major online distribution channels, competitors’ room prices as well as events, holidays, weather forecasts, and reviews, ensuring highly effective marketing, sales and pricing strategies to achieve an optimal market positioning. The software also offers a wide range of possibilities to customise and filter the data most relevant to your revenue strategy and to analyse your market and competition best.

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ibelsa.rooms is a fully web-based management software for hotels and accommodation establishments of all types and sizes. From customer management and the support of the booking portals to the maintenance of your homepage and social media presence – with ibelsa all relevant work processes can be controlled centrally. No installation costs, no need for maintenance, no contract. Ibelsa is flexible, user-friendly and absolutely secure. Running your business successfully has never been easier.

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DIRS21 is a web-based reservations and channel management system, which gives hotels full access to the wide world of online distribution. DIRS21 has been a one-stop shop, providing solutions for the hotel, catering, and tourism sectors for over 20 years. The DIRS21 website booking engine gives guests the quickest and easiest-ever way to make an online reservation. Anytime, anywhere. All data is processed centrally, with no extra administrative effort needed, so guests have full flexibility to make their reservations, and hotels and their team have more time to concentrate on looking after them.

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D-EDGE provides hotels around the world with state-of-the-art technology and digital marketing solutions to help them maximise their revenues. More and more hotel bookings around the world – from independents to international chains – are powered by D-EDGE’s technology, with powerful yet easy to use, intuitive tools – an advantage for hoteliers who are going through one of the most severe labour shortages and for whom long learning curves are no longer an option. D-EDGE’s platform is open so that solutions are seamlessly and easily interconnected with all other solutions of the hotels’ value chain. The CRS is guest-centric: thanks to a unique central guest profile, D-EDGE keeps guests at the heart of the hotel tech stack.

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DEHOGA Saarland

DEHOGA Saarland is a modern business association which has made it its goal to represent the economic and socio-political interests of the hospitality industry in Saarland. The association offers its services as a competent discussion partner, it is the mouthpiece of the hospitality industry in dialogue with politics, and it provides information about the industry itself. The promotion of young talent and the training and further education of those employed in the Saarland hospitality industry are also among its most important tasks. The association is the federation of employers and collective-bargaining partner of the trade union Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten. Its agreements form the basis of collective bargaining in the Saarland hospitality industry.

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Established in 2012, Cloudbeds has quickly become a trusted tech partner for the hospitality sector, supporting thousands of properties in 157 countries. The Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform efficiently merges operational, revenue, and marketing tools, enhanced by a diverse third-party integration marketplace. This synergy ensures smoother operations and memorable guest experiences for hoteliers. In recognition of its excellence, Cloudbeds was honored as 2022’s leading PMS by Hotel Tech Report and received top awards at the 2021 World Travel Tech Awards. Additionally, Deloitte acknowledged Cloudbeds in its 2021 Technology Fast 500 list.

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Hoteliers.Guru has steadily carved its niche in the hospitality tech landscape, emphasizing genuine value and robust functionality. Recognized for its authentic approach, the brand provides adaptable software solutions that resonate with diverse accommodation providers, from quaint boutique hotels to expansive international resorts. At its core, Hoteliers.Guru champions a seamless blend of technology and human-centric design, ensuring that hotel management remains intuitive and aligned with user needs. This commitment to genuine service and real-world solutions has fostered trust within the community.

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Mews, founded by former hotelier Richard Valtr and led by CEO Matthijs Welle, is driven by a profound passion for blending technology and hospitality. Born from the vision to revolutionize the industry, Mews offers cloud solutions aiming to make hospitality rewarding for all. Serving millions, from innovative hoteliers to discerning guests, Mews focuses on redefining spaces, services, and guest experiences. Understanding the paramount importance of guest feedback in today’s digital age, Mews designs solutions with the end-user in mind, ensuring every guest interaction stands out. With its roots in Prague and a global team, Mews is a unique fusion of hospitality insiders and tech experts, challenging norms and fostering transformative change. Their mission: to seamlessly bridge people, services, and technology, reimagining what’s possible in the hospitality sector.

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Case studies that speak
for themselves

Would you like to find out more about how we helped the partners we worked with? Check our our case studies to see how working with us can help you achieve your goals.

This is what our partners are saying

Isabel Boulliat, Au Vieux Moulin

“The RegiÔtels team put in place all the actions we discussed and implemented pricing, commercial, and marketing strategies to improve the turnover of our rooms, which also had a positive impact on our restaurant.”

Isabel Boulliat, Au Vieux Moulin
Dominik Krolik, Landhotel Krolik

“We saved a lot of our time working with RegiÔtels because connecting to different OTAs or working with providers from the BeNeLux region was much easier and faster and much less complicated than if I had to take care of everything myself.”

Dominik Krolik, Landhotel Krolik

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