Indústria da Hospitalidade

Illustration of a satisfied young hotel guest in front of a door to a room
Agosto 5, 2020
What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels

What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels A fast Wi-Fi connection being enough to appeal to a younger generation of guests is a concept that still is widely believed. With COVID-19, the world experienced an unforeseen wave of digitalization, its value becoming such that, regardless of

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Maio 7, 2020
O Futuro para Hotéis Independentes na Europa

On 4 March 2019 something monumental happened(1) – for only the second time since the global pandemic began, a person was cured of the virus. There are two current global pandemics, one is COVID-19, the other is H.I.V. Aids –

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Maio 6, 2020
Como o Coronavírus Está Afetando Hotéis Independentes

Coronavirus is the worst public health crisis in over a generation. On the 11th March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global pandemic, only the third in 100 years (H1N1, HIV Aids and the 1918 Influenza pandemics being the