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On 11 October, our team held a press conference at the Chambre de Commerce in Luxembourg to present our accomplishments of the year. RegiÔtels puts in place hospitality services through the implementation of digital strategies, revenue management, and the provision of sales and marketing plans. Combining these methods and working with our partners, the year 2018 has been a very successful one.


Digital Strategies and Social Media


As part of our digital strategies, we create websites for each and every hotel partnering with us. These pages are search engine optimized and follow current marketing and design trends. Since the beginning of 2018, more than 100,000 people have visited the hotel websites we have created for our partners.


A clearer visibility of hotels is not just implemented via an optimized website, but also via a better social media presence, which RegiÔtels is responsible for managing. So far, the total number of people liking the hotels’ Facebook page has increased by 9%, as has the traffic from the individual Facebook pages to the actual hotel websites. The integration of effective social media management into our activities is essential for successful communication nowadays.


Promotional Strategies


Because the Mullerthal region is where we currently have most of our partner hotels, we implemented an advertisement campaign between April and May 2018 to regions around 2-3 hours away from there. This campaign reached 2.3 million people on Facebook with 9.5 million impressions. This was so far the biggest promotional campaign conducted for a region in Luxembourg.


RegiÔtels collaborates not only with partner hotels but also with the National Tourist Office, Luxembourg for Tourism, and the ORT Mullerthal to cover as much ground as possible. Since early in 2018, these promotional strategies have generated a total turnover of more than 255,000 € in room sales of all the hotels.


In order to complement our digital and pricing strategies, our team has been active on various business-related events to present what our partners offer, to meet strategic operators, and to identify new opportunities. Since January 2018, our team sales have generated an additional turnover of 355,000 € for our partner hotels. Together with the different strategies and tools put in place since then, we have generated a complementary turnover of 610,000 €.


Current Standing


At the moment, around ten people are part of the RegiÔtels team and we currently have seven hotels in the Mullerthal and the Moselle region (find our current partner hotels here). Since September 2018, we were able to add four new partner hotels located in the north of the country.


Unfortunately, one of our partner hotels, the family business hotel Le Cigalon, has suffered great damage because of the floods which happened in the Mullerthal region earlier in the year. In order to help Mrs. Rita Stoque, the hotel owner, we initiated a campaign on social networks to raise funds to help Le Cigalon, which raised a total of 10,000 €. This amount was given to Mrs. Stoque in the form of a check to rebuild her establishment.


regiotels director handing check to partner hotelier


Further Prospects


In the future, we will continue working with our current partner hotels and keep expanding our partnerships in Luxembourg and Europe. As there is interest from independent hoteliers abroad, we are working on expanding into the international market. RegiÔtels is also developing training programs for hoteliers to become more independent when managing new technological systems we implement.


Our company was founded in 2017 and has since steadily grown, thanks to the help of the Ministry of Economy, our dedicated team members, and the many partner hotels we have been working with. RegiÔtels would like to say a big thank you to all of these.


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