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Sell at the right price, to the right person, at the right time

A huge range of data goes into setting your optimal price, from visitors to your website, feeder markets to your region, previous trends, competitor data, and much more. Good revenue management takes a combination of experience, tools and data. 

An all-inclusive solution for
customized hotel revenue management

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Pricing Strategy
Our expert pricing strategy will help you optimize your prices to increase revenue. We will analyze market data, identify target segments, and implement dynamic pricing to ensure the hotel is offering competitive rates. With our expert help, hoteliers can see a significant boost in occupancy and revenue.

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Channel Manager Integration
Our experts work with the most advanced channel managers (CM) to manage and distribute your room inventory across multiple OTAs and booking channels. We will integrate your PMS with your CM, helping you to update prices and availability in a straightforward manner in real-time.

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Reputation Analysis
Understand and improve your online reputation with our in-depth reputation analysis. We will monitor online reviews and ratings, analyze guest feedback, and provide actionable insights to improve guest satisfaction, attract more guests, and increase your online bookings. 

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Ongoing Analysis & Reporting
With our ongoing analysis and reporting, you can stay on top of your performance. We will provide regular reports on key metrics such as occupancy rates, revenue per room, or guest satisfaction. We will also perform ongoing analysis to identify opportunities for improvement and help you make data-driven decisions to increase revenue.

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GDS Evaluation & Promotions
Our team of revenue experts will evaluate your GDS distribution strategy, implement effective promotions, and help identify ways to implement improvements. Our proficient knowledge can help you reach more potential guests through GDS channels. 

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OTA Optimization
RegiÔtels will give your hotel the edge it needs on Online Travel Agencies by optimizing your OTA listings, including photos, description, and pricing, to increase your online visibility and drive more bookings. We will also monitor your performance and make adjustments to ensure maximum return on investment. 

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With our revenue management, you always stay on top of your performance

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Transparent Cooperation

Our service is 100% transparent so you always know where you stand and how we work.

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Data-driven hotel technology

We use advanced tools such as Siteminder, Cubilis, DIRS21, PMS, booking engines, and channel managers to help boost your revenue and streamline operations. We will customize and integrate these tools to fit your hotel’s needs, providing real-time data and automation for pricing, inventory, and distribution management.

Learning resources for hoteliers

Would you like to find out more about the services we use to improve your hotel’s performance? We have selected a range of learning resources for you to browse through right here.

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