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How are Tour Operators Connected with the situation in Ukraine?
März 5, 2022
How are Tour Operators Connected with the situation in Ukraine?

This article was initially published on LinkedIn on March 2, 2022. For the original article by Gregory Tugendhat, please click on this link. The plight of the people of Ukraine is well documented and their situation dire. It is absolutely

Featured image with an illustration of a Victorian woman in front of hotel room doors with wreaths hanging from them
Dezember 23, 2020
How the 19th century changed Christmas and hospitality

Nowadays, the holiday season represents one of the busiest periods for the hospitality industry. Many tourists decide to travel around Christmas and New Year, which makes this season very profitable for hotels. These holidays help properties keep occupancy rates high

Illustration of travel symbols such as a plane, photos, a plane ticket, and headphones
Dezember 18, 2020
Bleisure travel: how to attract more guests

Bleisure is a term made of the combination of the words business and leisure. It is used to describe when a business trip combines leisure activities. Bleisure travel has become extremely important in the last decades. Formerly, people who went on

Illustration of a woman with a laptop
Oktober 13, 2020
The Importance of Online Distribution

Direct booking channels (e.g. your website) are the bread and butter of a hotel's digital strategy. Rooms sold on your website are not charged any commission, after all. However, 3rd party websites still present a significant advantage for customer acquisition and digital distribution, which

Illustration of a board near stacks of paper
September 11, 2020
Scrum in Project Management – the Basics You Need to Know

Scrum is a project management framework that enables teams to work adaptively and deliver projects in a short time. This set of principles and rules is useful for tackling complex projects since it is iterative, that is, the team goes

Illustration of a satisfied young hotel guest in front of a door to a room
August 5, 2020
What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels

What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels A fast Wi-Fi connection being enough to appeal to a younger generation of guests is a concept that still is widely believed. With COVID-19, the world experienced an unforeseen wave of digitalization, its value becoming such that, regardless of

Illustration of a magnifying glass on a website page
Juli 14, 2020
SEO for Hotels: 6 effective tips to improve rankings on Google

If you typed “hotels in your region” on Google, would you find your own property? If it does not appear in your search, you should reconsider your current SEO strategy. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and consists of processes to make a page rank

Illustration of a woman returning to a hotel with her suitcase
16. Juni 2020
5 Effective Tips to Build Guest Loyalty

Loyal guests are essential for every hotel: they stay at your property more often, try new products and services, and are also much more likely to recommend their experiences to their friends and family.  Improving the number of repeat guests

Illustration of a van with suitcases on its top
7. Mai 2020
The Future for Regional Independent Hotels in Europe

On 4 March 2019 something monumental happened(1) – for only the second time since the global pandemic began, a person was cured of the virus. There are two current global pandemics, one is COVID-19, the other is H.I.V. Aids –

Illustration of a minimalist landscape with RegiÔtels' logo
6. Mai 2020
How the Coronavirus is affecting independent hotels

Coronavirus is the worst public health crisis in over a generation. On the 11th March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global pandemic, only the third in 100 years (H1N1, HIV Aids and the 1918 Influenza pandemics being the