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The importance of online distribution for hotels
octobre 13, 2020
The Importance of Online Distribution

Direct booking channels (e.g. your website) are the bread and butter of a hotel's digital strategy. Rooms sold on your website are not charged any commission, after all. However, 3rd party websites still present a significant advantage for customer acquisition and digital distribution, which

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septembre 11, 2020
Scrum in Project Management – the Basics You Need to Know

Scrum is a project management framework that enables teams to work adaptively and deliver projects in a short time. This set of principles and rules is useful for tackling complex projects since it is iterative, that is, the team goes

Illustration of a satisfied young hotel guest for blog post about What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels
août 5, 2020
What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels

What Millennials Expect From Independent Hotels A fast Wi-Fi connection being enough to appeal to a younger generation of guests is a concept that still is widely believed. With COVID-19, the world experienced an unforeseen wave of digitalization, its value becoming such that, regardless of

juillet 14, 2020
SEO for Hotels: 6 effective tips to improve rankings on Google

If you typed “hotels in your region” on Google, would you find your own property?  If it does not appear in your search, you should consider an SEO strategy. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and consists of processes to make a page rank

Illustration of a woman returning to a hotel with her suitcase
juin 16, 2020
5 Effective Tips to Build Guest Loyalty

Loyal guests are essential for every hotel: they stay at your property more often, try new products and services, and are also much more likely to recommend their experiences to their friends and family.  Improving the number of repeat guests

mai 7, 2020
Quel est l'avenir des hôtels régionaux indépendants en Europe?

Le 4 mars 2019, un événement monumental s'est produit (1) - pour la deuxième fois seulement depuis le début de la pandémie mondiale, une personne a été guérie du virus. Il existe actuellement deux pandémies mondiales, l'une est Covid-19, l'autre est H.I.V. Sida -

mai 6, 2020
Comment le Coronavirus affecte les hôtels indépendants?

Le coronavirus est la pire crise de santé publique depuis plus d'une génération. Le 11 mars, l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) a déclaré une pandémie mondiale, seulement la troisième en 100 ans (le H1N1, le VIH / sida et les pandémies de grippe de 1918 étant les préoccupations précédentes à une telle échelle mondiale).

mai 5, 2020
Best Hotel Practices for Positive Customer Reviews

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving. There was a time when the customer service etiquette was a short list and clients were satisfied with a simple ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. Though these still are very much in practice, the culture

décembre 17, 2019
Getting back to nature – an opportunity for discoveries

Imagine having spent months and months planning a trip to the hottest big city you have always loved - from afar - only to realize that, once there, you feel no connection to it. Sometimes, our anticipation dictates the image

décembre 5, 2019
Why we should consider short-distance travel

How many times have you traveled to a far-off destination to visit a sight, just to find that the crowds there made it impossible to enjoy it? It is quite disappointing when we plan a trip and cannot get the