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Optimise conversion from your own website and on 3rd party platforms, and run compelling advertising campaigns to reach new audiences


Performing well in digital marketing is the most important thing independent hotels can do after treating their guests well

A compelling online presence and effective online advertising are the most essential basic requirements to ensure a healthy hotel business.

Is your hotel’s website optimized so that customers will actually see you when they search online? When they visit your website, does the design of the site and the words and images encourage people to book directly?
Likewise on a third-party platform like, when your hotel appears in a list of results, do the words and images give the best possible impression so that customers choose you instead of a competitor?

If a hotel does not appear in search results, customers cannot make bookings. Customers will be less likely to book with hotels which look out of date.

Hotels can’t rely on existing customers and organic growth to maintain a profitable business. Online advertising is the most effective way to reach new customers, and hoteliers can be sure that their competitors are building awareness with customers who might consider their hotel.

Performing well in digital marketing is the most important thing independent hotels can do after treating their guests well

There is no substitute for experienced, skilled digital marketing expertise

Hoteliers don’t have the time and expertise to keep up with all of the ways in which they need to maintain their hotel’s presence. Web design, search engine algorithms, social media channels – all are important and all change regularly.

All hotels have a website but after only a few months these can become outdated as search engines change their algorithms. Styles change quickly and if customers think the hotel looks out of date online, they think that their experience at the hotel will be the same. Which social media channels to use and what content works for which audience can change surprisingly quickly, and hoteliers can find themselves left behind.

There is no substitute for experienced, skilled digital marketing expertise

RegiÔtels is the perfect partner

RegiÔtels’ team are experts in digital marketing. With our unparalleled combination of digital expertise and deep knowledge of the hospitality sector, we have built highly effective websites for dozens of partner hotels. We have been commissioned by regional tourism authorities to build and implement highly impactful marketing campaigns to raise awareness and drive bookings.

RegiÔtels is the perfect partner

Working with RegiÔtels is easy

We have put together a comprehensive package of digital marketing services so that hoteliers can rest easy knowing that nothing will be missed. Unlike other digital agencies, we already know the hotel world intimately so we can quickly move together to the right solution without needing to learn important industry concepts. We are highly flexible: we know that every hotel is different, and we make sure we produce the right approach for every partner.

Working with RegiÔtels is easy

How does Digital Marketing work?

  • Google My Business review, for example replacing any photos that are not optimal.
  • Google Analytics (GA) Review - Creation of guidelines. If RegiÔtels has control over the hotel website, a full integration of GA is included.
  • Facebook & Google Ads; Development of advertising campaigns aimed at increasing direct bookings, growing social media following and interaction, acquisition of new emails for the hotel’s database, and other goals to be established according to the property’s needs.
  • Increase hotel online visibility (across all channels) with creation and diffusion of online adverts, flash sales, e-campaigns, …
  • Set-up and management of new distribution systems or booking channels (GDS, new Online partners etc.)
In the first month of partnership, you will be presented with a strategy for the year that will include key dates and which markets are advised for which actions. For more information, please see our videos here
Everything to do with your digital presence from the website to the social media posts, RegiÔtels has a specialist to help. Whether it be monitoring and enhancing your presence across and the like, guiding more people to book directly on your own website or ensuring that there is an online engagement with your fans and followers.
A website requires regular updates to remain relevant. Actions such as package uploads, a constantly changing menu selection, periodic picture updates, and the creation of new on-demand pages are central to our offer and the success of your digital strategy.
It is essential for your business to secure important and personal data, both yours and that of your clients. One of our goals is to avoid any website downtime, to keep your database secure, and to maintain user trust.
An easy-to-use, responsive and attractive website is a key tool to generate direct bookings. Our aim is to convey your brand’s identity, to display the most accurate information, and to drive new business via your own booking system.
Online ad campaigns play a central role in driving new business to your property. Our ad campaigns range from passive ad placements to actively seeking out previous website visitors, putting your hotel in front of the right customer, growing your social following, and communicating your offers to those who are more likely to book with you.
Keeping in contact with regular, new and potential customers is a necessary step to generate direct bookings and to build customer loyalty.
Development of partnerships and creation of campaigns for promoting the hotel with events venues, tourism portals, content creators, and on advertising platforms.
Creating captivating content is an essential tool to influence your customers. We make sure your page is populated with interesting and regular posts so that your website feels relevant and adheres to best SEO practices.
Upon checking your website’s key demographics, we translate your content to the main feeder market languages to make sure booking directly on your website is as easy as possible in any language relevant to your hotel.
Having information on your Google My Business profile facilitates search-result traffic to your website, leading to an improved user journey.
It is essential to analyze user traffic data to learn how your potential guests reach your page and how they behave on it. This allows us to create the right strategy for the right customer at the right time.
By analyzing the behavior of your online visitors, we can track what kind of page or service is in higher demand and where our efforts are more likely to generate a significant return on investment.
Creation of guidelines for Google Analytics. If RegiÔtels has control over the hotel website, a full integration of Google Analytics is included.

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