We help independent hotels

grow revenue and profits

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We help independent hotels grow revenue and profits

We support small to medium sized independent hotels who represent the quality and culture of their respective regions. We guide and deliver through the whole commercial process from customer segmentation and pricing, through technology infrastructure, to online presence and direct sales activities. Our team has global experience, and we are particularly strong in Europe and Asia which we leverage for our partner hotels. In Luxembourg, we are a key partner of the Government in driving improved digital performance by regional hotels.

Hotel Support

Competing in the online marketplace is hard. We’ll help you to bring in new customers and charge the right price every time, so you can spend more time on delighting your guests. Our comprehensive range of services will drive the best performance for your hotel:

Destination Marketing

As well as supporting individual hotels, RegiOtels also develops regional campaigns involving digital advertising and direct sales representation. Developing tourism and employment in this way can help stimulate the economies of local communities.

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