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The importance of Revenue Management for hotels

For decades, large hotel chains have invested heavily in Revenue Management, gaining significant competitive advantages over boutique hotels. RegiÔtels offers you the opportunity to leverage the same services and methodologies for your business.
By combining dynamic pricing strategies with demand forecasting, we help your hotel sell more rooms at more profitable rates, ensuring consistent business throughout the year.

More bookings

With our team’s expertise and decades of experience in revenue management, we help drive more demand to your property. We use a combination of actions to increase your occupancy and drive more bookings, such as analyzing new customer segments, implementing last-minute booking incentives, and optimizing your booking engine for direct reservations.

More profits

Our revenue managers focus not only on increasing occupancy but also on selling rooms at more profitable rates, increasing the length of stays, and promoting package deals. This allows you to increase revenue without adding more work for you and your team.

More predictability

Our Revenue Management experts analyse demand forecasts to implement actions to drive early bookings and secure better or similar occupancy levels based on your hotel’s historical data. We help your hotel operate smoothly, reducing the impact of seasonal fluctuations or sudden demand changes.

RegiÔtels’ all-inclusive approach to hotel revenue management

A huge range of data goes into setting your optimal price, from visitors to your website, feeder markets to your region, previous trends, competitor data, and much more. RegiÔtels helps hotels outsource revenue management by combining experience, tools and data. We optimise your revenue strategy and online distribution, freeing you up to develop new client-facing offers and reducing the workload on your internal team.

Pricing Strategy
We analyse your hotel’s market data, identify target segments, and implement dynamic pricing to ensure you are offering competitive rates that are aligned with a measurable revenue strategy. With our expert help, hoteliers can see a significant boost in occupancy and revenue.
Dynamic Demand Calendars

Our ongoing demand calendars provide hoteliers with periodic data analysis that helps optimise the hotel’s planned actions. By utilising data-driven insights, we can adjust your rates to stay competitive, attract the right guests based on seasonal data, and maximise your hotel’s booking potential.

Booking Engine Integration
RegiÔtels combines a team of experts with powerful hotel technology through partnerships with leading booking engines. We integrate, manage, and upgrade your own IBE so that your website is optimised to convert visits into direct bookings and booking information stays dynamic and up to date.
Reputation Analysis
We analyse your online reputation on a yearly basis, considering your guest rates on multiple platforms in comparison to your competitors, so that your hotel’s reputation is always up to date.
Data Analytics & Reporting
On a regular basis, we will meet to review your booking data and revenue plan, aiming to pinpoint areas where we can enhance your hotel’s sales potential while your markets evolve.
Package Optimisation

RegiÔtels provides hotels with expert assistance in evaluating, planning, and creating compelling packages that meet the needs of their guests. This includes conducting market research, analysing customer behavior, and developing customised packages that are tailored to a hotel’s specific target audience.

There is nothing like a real team of skilled experts in revenue management and online distribution

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What our partners say

Isabel Boulliat, Au Vieux Moulin

“The RegiÔtels team put in place all the actions we discussed and implemented pricing, commercial, and marketing strategies to improve the turnover of our rooms, which also had a positive impact on our restaurant.”

Isabel Boulliat, Au Vieux Moulin
Dominik Krolik, Landhotel Krolik

“We saved a lot of our time working with RegiÔtels because connecting to different OTAs or working with providers from the BeNeLux region was much easier and faster and much less complicated than if I had to take care of everything myself.”

Dominik Krolik, Landhotel Krolik